Ti Brache Church

Ti-Brache area was heavily steeped in voodoo beliefs! The people lived in extreme poverty having no running water, very little food and slept in small stick huts with as many as 9 people sleeping in one tiny room. They also have had no employment or job opportunities.

As we have reached out to these people sharing the gospel with them along with humanitarian aid programs, our vision has been to transform this village. We have faithfully ministered love to them and opened a church which has quickly grown to over 200 members.

The church is only a temporary building until we are able to put up a solid structure that will be as hurricane and earthquake proof as possible.
We built community toilets to help stop the spread of disease and sickness and since the earthquake drilled a well to give them clean water. Every week as the gospel is preached, compassion is shown through our humanitarian aid programs.

Pastor Jean Marie - Building of the Temporary Church