Our Ministries

We are an organization working in Haiti since 1995 to change the lives of the Haitian people both spiritually and physically!!

We try to invest everything we possibly can into their lives so they can have a better future.

We enable and equip them plus give them the resources they need to reach their own people!

We do not use mission teams for construction or for anything that could take away an employment opportunity from a Haitian person. All of our construction is done by Haitian work teams with an engineer on site. Our supplies, materials and food for feeding programs are purchased in Haiti to support their economy. 

Our schools are taught by educated Haitian teachers who need employment opportunities.

The purpose of our mission teams are to:

 1. Come and see first-hand what we do and learn about our vision and gain awareness of the needs the people face

2. Offer love, compassion and hope by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

3. Teams help carry in supplies that are difficult to find for purchase in Haiti (certain medicines etc)

4. Assist with feeding programs

5. Enjoy a hands on mission experience and learn about the people and culture

6. Return home and join us in being a voice for the people of Haiti so we as an organization can continue to grow and reach out to more people!

Your support helps us in the relief of poverty and shows the people the love of Jesus not just in word but in deed!!

“Compassion IS the Heart of God!”