Clinic & Pharmacy

Clinic & Pharmacy

In Haiti the life expectancy is 47-50 years of age. One third of all children will die before age 5. The leading causers of death in Haiti are child-birth related infections, tuberculosis, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Only 30% of children are vaccinated against disease. Haiti also has the highest per capita AIDS death rate in the western hemisphere. It is for this reason that Haiti Missions of Canada opened a clinic in the Neply Area.

We were able to provide emergency first aid to many people after the earthquake and we continue to treat people everyday doing our best to minimize infection from wounds suffered during the quake.

The Clinic and Pharmacy offer many programs at minimal to no cost for the Haitian people:

Elderly Care Program: The elderly are invited to visit the clinic free of charge on scheduled days to receive food and medicine as require. Simple examinations and blood pressure readings are performed.

Family Counselling: Women, both married and single attend the clinic to receive information with regard to family planning and birth control.

Pre and Postnatal Care: Pregnant women attend the clinic for prenatal examinations. Once the infant is born both the mother and infant are given postnatal check ups and necessary medicine. The mothers are also given food, infant formula and baby clothing when available.

24 Hour Emergency Treatment: Accident victims or those requiring emergency care often arrive at the clinic at any hour. Immediate treatment is given and medicine dispensed within the limits of the clinics abilities. They are then referred or transported to a nearby hospital if necessary.

Vaccinations: Vaccinations for protection of both children and adults from a number of common diseases are available at the clinic.

Pharmacy Dispensing: Free medicine is dispensed to patients who need it when the supplies are available. The most common medicines needed are for pain relief, fever, infections, colds, etc.

Dentistry: A dentist who maintains a practice in Port au Prince visits the clinic to provide dental care to the local residents twice a week. Dental services include cleaning, extractions and restorations. For one week a month there are no charges for the services; for the of the month patients are charged only one half of the regular fees.