Feeding Programs

Haiti has the third-highest rate of hunger in the world behind Somalia and Afghanistan. The unemployment rate is over 80% and more than half of Haitians live on less than one dollar a day or approximately $250.00 US per year. Despite living in material poverty, the people in Haiti have an enormous amount of endurance. As often as finances are available to us, we distribute supplies of uncooked rice and beans to homes in our surrounding villages, families in our 4 National Churches, school students, plus food is distributed monthly through the Neply Clinic Programs.

We also provide hot meals through our church programs and during community building projects.

When we are blessed with extra donations, we add other necessities to our food distribution such as sugar, oil, canned or powdered milk, pasta, and tomato sauce or laundry soap. These items are all purchased locally at the Leogane Market which also blesses the vendors who are trying to make a living. It is necessary to distribute supplies of dry foods to assist with the immediate nutritional needs.

Buying Rice in Leogane Receiving Rice
Bagging Rice