About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to give a hand up to the Haitian people who are the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.  As we share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we also demonstrate compassion in a physical way. 

Our vision is to, “Rescue, Restore and Edify” the people of Haiti by offering humanitarian aid, spreading the message of revival and encouraging them to believe for their miracle, “that the island of Haiti will be transformed.”

Rev. Joy Jones Slaughter(Madame Jwa)
Executive Program Coordinator


Mission Organization Profile
*Joy Jones Slaughter ----------------Founder/Executive Program Coordinator
* Elaine Adams------------Board Chair
* Dave R. West ------------Director 
* Tanya Dryden ------------Director 

Haiti Missions has a variety of supporters……
* People like you
* The Jasmine Foundation
* Congregational Methodist
* Fellowship Baptist Church
* Missionary Alliance Church
* Pentecostal Assemblies of God
* The Pentecostal Church of God
* Fellowship of Christian Assemblies
* The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
* The Independent Assemblies of God International

*And Many More...

Who we are...

Haiti Missions of Canada has been a registered charity with the Canadian Government since 1996 (BN# 890408990 RR 001)

We are also registered in Haiti as: Mission Amour D’Haiti (Love Haiti Missions)

The programs and projects operating in Haiti today are staffed by trained Nationals which provides employment for many Haitian people.

Our Canadian Head office is staffed by Joy Jones Slaughter (Executive Program Coordinator) and Julie Mok (Assistant to the Executive)