Neply Church


New Neply Church Building

 Pastor Antoine Charles

 Neply Church Congregation

Neply is the base village for our Mission work. This church is Pastored by our National Haitian Leader,Pastor Antoine Charles. Without the Faithful workers we have from this village, many of our other programs and ministries would not be happening today. Neply is our strongest village with the most mature Christians who have been taught well and have learned how to reach out to others as we equip them. They continue to send Haitian prayer teams and ministry teams to our other villages and churches to teach them what they themselves have been trained to do as disciples. Since the earthquake, we have seen even more spiritual growth in Neply and many new people have accepted Christ including 3 voodoo priests from the area.
The temporary church we erected following the earthquake now needs to be replaced with a permanent structure that will seat 1000 people.  In August we began to start this new project which is giving many Haitian people a source of employment so they can  rebuild their own lives and support their families.
In all of our villages we do various weekly humanitarian aid projects. One example would be that on Sunday mornings we feed the people before church so they don’t have to worship on an empty stomach and can focus on God! Sundays are a very joyful time of celebration in our villages.