My Hero's are.....The Least of These!
October 19, 2012


I think we all find it interesting to observe people.  Have you ever noticed that when images of a starving child comes on TV, the channel gets changed quickly to a different show that stimulates the human senses.  No one enjoys seeing poverty.  We often want to pretend its not there.  So many people's Hero's or role models are those who the Media creates.  Every day people who appear to be "unsuccessful" according to our culture may not get the same attention or handshake at church that an "upper class" person would get.  If you had a poor person and a celebrity  in a room,who do you think most people would prefer to talk to? Jesus I'm sure didn't like poverty either but He reached out to people that those with a religious spirit would pass by.  Jesus was not popular.  People didn't idolize Him.  Jesus wasn't materialistic, nor was He a celebrity.  Jesus loved the unlovely.  He loved the children when others thought they were a bother.  He didn't love people because He thought they had something to offer Him......He loved people who had "NOTHING" to offer.  True Compassion and Love and to be Christlike is when we reach out to people who have "NOTHING" to give back to us. Since working in Haiti for 17 years now, the Hero's in my life are.... as Jesus called them......"the least of these"..........Math 25:40


Thank you to all of you who continue to give from your heart to people who will never have anything to give back to you!