Container Arrives in Haiti
February 2, 2011


Recently in Haiti we had a container clear customs earlier than expected with shelters on it! We were supposed to receive 20 shelters on the shared container but we were given the entire container as long as we could arrange and pay for delivery to our property and guarantee we had land space and the manpower to assemble the shelters!! We were able to do that and so I went into Haiti with a few men who trained our Haitian work teams how to assemble everything!! We put some of the shelters on our nursing home land and then we rented more land behind that property to put up the rest of the shelters!! We also shared 45 shelters with another organization to help them out!! Currently toilets are being built on the property for the families who live there!!

So many people are still without housing in Haiti so this was a blessing to so many families in our area!!

We are soon finished building the new church in the Rum Village and then we have 2 more churches that still need to be built!! Neply church will be the most difficult because the number of people has over tripled since the earthquake so the building will need to be fairly large! Neply is also our base church and is used to hold larger events and community programs!

Its been a challenge to rebuild plus maintain all of our programs but thanks to help from people like you, we are accomplishing more than we originally thought possible!!